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Playname: 3 on 3 rebounding game
3 on 3 Rebounding Game

This is a drill to improve rebounding skills. It is a point game and is played to as many points as time or coaching for rebounding allows. As this is the least practised part of basketball, you should allow for at least 10 points until this game skill is improved and then you can drop to five points.

The game is played with the coaches shooting the ball and the defense and offensive contesting for the rebound.  Divide your team into groups of three. Mix up the positions to simulate those who may end up under the basket due to movement before the shot.

The defensive players take the position between the basket and the offensive team.

The points are awarded in the following manner:
Defensive team - one point for each rebound or foul committed against it.
Offensive team - one point for each rebound or foul committed against it and one additional point for each basket made upon recovery of the ball. If they miss the game carries on until one side rebounds and controls the ball or a foul is committed.

If the ball is moved out of bounds there is no point awarded as neither team rebounded the ball and the purpose of the game is to get the rebound.

Coaches keep track of the score and if you maintain the same teams week after week then a score sheet should be kept to track improvements and weaknesses.

Coaching Points:

1. It helps if there are two colors of jerseys as the substitutions can come quite frequently with lower total points required to win. When the game is won they are rotated to the back of the line and the next group takes place.

2. The Coaches should vary shoots and fakes to simulate for weak-side and strong-side defensive work.

3. Movement and Boxing Out should be stressed during the game.  The Coaches must be prepared to give assistance to each player during the action so that they can improve on the spot. Coaches should also encourage the recovery of loose balls as they count for a point when a team controls the ball before it goes out of bounds.

4. As this game can get exciting and sometimes rough, the Coaches must maintain control.  This is especially true for the Offensive team who will try to push through the Defensive team. When there is a foul it must be called.  Remember it is worth a point to the fouled team.

5. Coaches must make sure that all players especially young ones are clear about the rules and how to box, chin, and do proper rebounding before this game is played.  Do not start this game before the basics are learned and demonstrated by each player.

6. Lastly, BOX, BOX, BOX. Yell this a lot so as to keep it fresh in there minds.
Submitted by: Eric Kalkhurst
Category: Rebounding
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