Basketball plays and drills
Playname: 4 on 4 rebound
Skills practiced: Blocking out
Players required: 8

4 offensive player line up outside the 3 point line and face the basket.  
The players should be at least 5 ft apart.  
They should line up from one end of the 3 point line and stretch to the other side of the line.  

The coach will pass the ball to one of the 4 offensive players.  The defense will react by sprinting half way to the offensive player,  they are guarding.  When they reach about half way to their player, they should slide step until they get a good close out on their player.
The offensive player who receives the ball only has the option to shoot.  
When the shot goes up, all defensive players must block out the offensive players.

Instructions: Step into the man

A good closeout is the key to defending any offensive player.  
We as coaches must teach the proper fundamentals of the closeout.  
Today's athletes are better jumpers than ever before.  
We must be able to block the jumpers off the boards.
Submitted by: Wim Seynaeve
Category: Rebounding
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