Basketball plays and drills
Playname: 4 offense multiple purpose
"4": Multi-purpose play against MtM & zone defense

O1 dribbles to one side.

• Opposite wing O2 V-cuts to fill the point guard position.
• When O1 passes to O2, O3 and O1 cut.

• O5 and O4 screen for the cutters.
• O2 passes to O3.
• O5 sets a flare screen for O2

• O3 has 4 passing options

1) O1 in the corner.
2) O4 in the low post.
3) O2 after using the flare screen of O5.
4) O5 after screening for O2, O5 should directly look for O4, who should seal his man.
Submitted by: Jeff Wampach
Category: Offense
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