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Playname: 4 sideline
Players required: 8 or more - 2 balls.
This is a full court drill. It includes passing, running, defensive and offensive footwork, spacing, communication, dribbling and shooting. It's good conditioning too.
Players are stacked up at the sideline.
Blue 1 and 2 are one team, red 1 and 2 are another team.
Red 1 has a ball and dribbles towards the hoop where he shoots a lay-up. The other three players follow immediatelly (still in a stack).
Blue 1 catches the rebound.


If blue 2 receives the pass, you have a full court 2 on 2. The offensive players have a determined time to finish their offence. 15 to 20 seconds should be enough.
If red 1 or 2 make a steal or break the offence in any other way, all four players line up behind blue 4.
Offence get a penalty: 10 quick push- or sit-ups.


Offence can either finish with a jump-shot or a lay-up.
(My players are very efficient inside, but they often hesitate to take a shot, so I usually let them finish with a shot. The shooter has to follow his shot in order to catch the offensive rebound.)
All four players have to contest the rebound!
After finishing, the players stack up at the sideline.
Once a player has caught the rebound, the other group starts with an inbounds.
Red 1 and 2 play double-team on blue 2 once he has received the pass. If blue 2 succeeds to give a pass to blue 1, red 1 and 2 have to switch numbers, so red 2 plays defence on blue 1.
You can add an extra defender or offensive player half court. He only gets to help his team once offence has crossed the centre line. (I always make him tip the centre circle with his hand first.)
Submitted by: Martin Overheul
Category: Offense
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