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Playname: 4 pass weave/22 in 2 - jb
2 balls

Whole team

You line the team up in a tight weave.  Player in the middle starts with the ball.  They make 3 chest passes to get up the court and the 4th pass is a bounce pass to make the layup.  You may need one bounce and two big steps for the layup.  They run the same thing back with the ball not touching the floor after the layup.  You put a 2 minute time limit on the first attempted layup.  They need to make 22 layups in 2 minutes.  You will have to adjust the makes to what you think your team can do.

Make them do wide weaves.  This is when you make the player touch the sideline after they pass.

Focus points
When you are running either weave (tight, wide) you need to make the good pass and watch the travel.  
If they need to take a dribble depending on age so they don't travel let them.
Submitted by: Jeff Byrne
Categories: Layups, Shooting
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