Basketball plays and drills
Offense triangle
Playname: 4 slide
1.  4, 5, 3 all flash at the same time.

2.  1 passes to 4 at the high post area.
1.  2 v-cuts and replaces himself.

2.  1 cuts over the top of 4.

3.  5 and 3 go down to the baseline on weakside to setup their men.
1.  4 passes to 2 after he v-cuts to get open.

2.  5 slides across the lane looking for the ball.

3.  1 and 4 are setting a staggered double screen for 3 who is coming to the top of the key for a shot.
1.  2 has three options
     a.  5 posting up
     b.  3 coming off the double
     c.  4 flashing to the high post after the screen
Submitted by: Craig Bruening
Category: Offense triangle
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