Basketball plays and drills
Offense motion
Playname: 5 out motion offense
In transition:

2 and 4 run wide, flatten to corner.

5 runs to rim.

3 is trail, goes opposite ball.
5 goes corner opposite ball.

2 goes up.

3 takes the guard position.
We are now into motion concepts

1. Pass/Cut/Fill.

2. Any time the ball is dribbled, we are into penetration principles.

1.  All cuts go to the front of the rim, then empty out to the corner.

2. Fill any open space in front of you.

3. Get to the level of the ball on all cuts (to force denials and create back cut opportunities).
When 4 cuts there are 3 options.
4 has three reads

1. If not guarded - open shot

2. If defender is level to or above 4 = back cut.
If defender plays below or sage, pop outside the 3pt line.

Shoot, make a play, or reverse the ball.
Submitted by: Matthew McKay
Category: Offense motion
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