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As 1 moves from right to left the even 2 and 4 side moves up toward the ball.
3 Moves down into the lane to set a screen for 4. If it is a zone then pick the man in the elbow. Immediately after the screen cut down and through lane. Hurry up because 1 will be cutting behind you.
Option A: The pass goes to 1 Cuts between his man and the ball for a give and go. When you reach the basket cut to your right to set a screen for 3.
5 as 1 makes his move down the lane pop out and, if they are playing a man to man, your defender will follow opening up the lane for 1.
4 If you are being double teamed on closely guarded you can break down the lane after 1 or pass to 5.
But this is not the first choice.
The first choice is 5 coming back to the mid Block and receiving a pass.
1 cuts out of lane and picks for 3.
3 You MUST CUT LOW, under and away from the middle of the lane to the corner.
You'll do a curl up the 3-point arch in case 5 needs to pass the ball outside.
4 needs fake a cut toward the middle of the lane and back out to the point on the triangle.
At this point 5 have either taken a shot or popped it back out.
If you can stall and go into a Triple Threat position amazing things are about to happen.
1 and 2 will pick for each other. 2 will do a back door taking the pick from 1 and running behind the defense. 1 pops up to the foul line.
If none of this works. Kick it back out to 1 to reload the offense.
Submitted by: Albert Maruggi
Category: Offense motion
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