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Playname: 7 men
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Shot practice:
7 players, 5 balls.

Positions 3 players on the court and a ball at the man in the middle (1, 2 and 3).

At each corner of the court there is a player with a ball (4,5,6 and 7)

The drill starts with a pass from 4 to 2 and 5 to 3.
Players 1,2 and 3 make a jump shot and go for the rebound.
1 gives an outlet pass to 5 and runs behind 5.

5 dribbles through the middle to the other side of the court.

4 and 1 run along the sideline.
6 and 7 pass to 1 and 4.

Players 1,4 and 5 make a jump shot and go for the rebound.

Drill repeats itself.
Submitted by: Tomas Canizalez
Category: Shooting
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