Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Ais shooting drill
Drill needs at least 5 players, however can be done with more.
Players start lined up on the baseline, two basketballs on one side of the key and one basketball on the other side.

Player 1 starts the drill by shooting and rebounding their own shot and passing to player opposite (4). After player 1 has shot the ball player 2 shoots their ball and rebounds and passes to opposite side.

Basic rule is that after you shoot the ball you rebound your own shot and pass to the side opposite. You always rotate to the opposite side after shooting the ball.

After making 20 shots as a group, both lines go to the next spot.
Drill should be run for 5 minutes.
Second spot

Group must make 20 shots from the 45.

Once they complete this they rotate to shoot the ball from the elbow.
Third and final spot

Group must make 20 shots from the elbow.

Once they complete this, they then rotate back to the baseline and start again.
Submitted by: Brett Coxsedge
Category: Shooting
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