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Offense zone
Playname: Act u16 zone offense
Weakside Entry
Ball passed to wing, baseline cut - into gap in zone.
Centre flashes to post - in front of middle defender. Wing player sets up cut, by stepping toward basket.
Point flares to wing. Wing flashes to high post.
NB Wing can screen point for skip pass and shot.
Flash cutter balances to point
Wing reverses ball to point and base cuts, using post screen, across baseline.
Ball reverse to other wing. Weakside wing flashes to high post.
Point flares to the wing. Flash cutter pops high.
Low post flashes high. On reversal, offense continues as continuity.
Strong side entry
Can be triggered by pass to wing or during continuity. High post flashes low.
Weakside wing flashes to high post.
Flash cutter pops high. Point flares to weakside wing.
Plays moves to continuity. On reversal, baseline cuts using low post screen etc.
Dribble entry (weakside)
If reversal to wing is denied, point dribbles to wing and sends wing player through.
Basline cuts through using low post screen and screen from wing player. Other wing flashes to high post.
High flash cut balances to point. Low cutter balances to wing, using screen from low post.


Submitted by: Michael Haynes
Category: Offense zone
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