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Offense zone
Playname: Against 2-1-2 zone
Offense against a 2-1-2 zone:

The guard 1 has chosen a side, and 2 is on the free throw line and cuts to the ball-side base-line.

4 goes towards the top of the bucket on the ball-side.
4 & 5 double-screen the defensive players [5] & [4].

2 moves upwards for an open (2p) shot and takes the ball from 1.
Option 1:

2 takes a shot.
If 2 cannot shoot, he passes out to 1.

3 cuts behind the defenders.
1 must pass to 3 at once.

3 is practically free for a (2p) shot.
Submitted by: Panayotis Cophinas
Categories: Offense zone, Offense
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