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Offense zone
Playname: Arizona
Lute Olson Stack and Gap Offense
Zone Offense

Stack set up below lowest defender

Number 1 will always drive away from the stack, whilst number 4 will try to screen the defender while 1 looks for lob pass to 5.

If 1 can't make the first pass to 5, then 4 will break to the middle of the zone.

(1 looks to lob pass to 4 man)
Number 5 now follows number 4 cut to middle gap as 4 continues to slide baseline.

Number 3 now slides in behind number 5's cut looking for the lob.

If nothing materialises, 1 will drive the ball to the opposite side with 4 and 5 stacking and 3 popping out to the wing position.

Anytime a pass is made to interior, he will look to shoot or pass to other post or offside wing.
Submitted by: Steve Craig
Category: Offense zone
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