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Offense zone
Playname: Bangor
This play works well against 2-1-2 zones and even better on a trapping zone.  It works on 2-3 also.

It requires some passing, but isn't really complicated.

1 passes to 2.
1 sets a screen and runs to the weak side baseline.

3 runs off the screen to the top of the arch.

4 goes to the foul line extended.
2 passes to 3.

3 works it over to 4.

4 passes to 1....
..and sets a screen quickly for 3.

5 runs to the weakside baseline
1 passes to 3.

3 passes to 4.

4 passes to 2.

And then to 5.
3 screens to middle defender and 4 runs off it into the key and receives the pass.
Wide open layup.

4,3,5, and 1 can rebound and 2 drops back on defense.
Submitted by: Nick Liguori
Categories: Offense zone, Offense
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