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Playname: Backscreen and pick and roll
Player 4 makes the choice to play pick on the ball (player 4 is a post player with a good outside shot)
Back screen from the post player 5 on the weak side.
Player 3 can make the baseline drive.
Watch for player 2 getting open inside after the back screen from 5 on the weak side.
Dish-out to the post player 4 for outside shot.
Back screen from weak side forward 2 on point guard 1.
4 can shoot or pass to 1 who drives to the basket.
Reverse the ball from 4 to 2 on top.
Down screen from 5 on 1.
Post player 5 is a good inside postup-player, he wants the ball inside directly after his down screen. He can get the ball also from 2, (high-low)
5 can go inside one on one, or pass to 2 who drives to the basket after the back screen from 3.
Submitted by: Carlo Rizzone
Category: Offense
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