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Playname: Covey
Players line up on both sides of the key staying out of the lane.

Player 1 makes move to start the play to the right side of the key.
4 sets a pick for 2.
2 pops out for the pass from 1.
2 looks to pass to 4 who is posted up.
If 4 is not open then 4 comes up to top to set a pick for 1 right off of the free throw line.
When 4 moves to set pick for 1,
5 goes down and sets pick for 3.
1 cuts in right off of shoulder of 4 and looks for the lay up pass from 2.
3 pops up to the wing position.
This is the position that each player should be in after the picks are set by players 4 and 5.
If 1 does not get the lay up or short jumper, then 1 sets a good low pick for 5
4 sets a pick for 3 at the same time.
5 pops into the key with hands up looking for the pass from 2
At the same time 5 is popping into the key area, 3 is also coming off of the pick from 4, and sliding to the lane with hands out looking for the pass from 2.
This is the position that each player should be in after the picks are made by 1 and 4.
5 and 3 are both looking for the ball from 2 and have a hand extended out giving 2 a target to throw to.
If there is not a good opportunity for a good pass and a shot, then reset.
Or reverse the play to the other side.
3 will be the point man.
1 and 5 will be set on the base.
4 and 2 split out to the wing positions
This is the position that each player should be in to set up for the next play.
3 call out the play name.
3 starts the motion to the left.
4 drops down to make a pick on 1.
At the same time 5 comes up to make a pick for 2.
1 and 2 must make a move to get defenders in position for the pick.
3 has to recognize the open player on the court and allow the play to "develop" while maintaining his dribble.
1st option should be the backdoor to 2.
2nd option should be to 1 for the short jumper
3rd option 3 can look inside to 4 who should be posting up after the pick he made for 1.
4th option is 5 should be rolling to the bucket looking for a pass and a short jumper.
Submitted by: Mark Schlueter
Category: Offense
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