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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 038
Tim tam baseline inbounds

Baseline inbounds play starts in the following alignment.

Pass option 1

O2 shows to the ball.

Then O2 sets a back screen for O3.
Pass Option 2

Player 3 cutting to the basket.

O3 uses back screen set by O2 and cuts towards the basket.
O3 sets screen for O5.

O3 replaces to short corner after screening.
Pass Option 3

Pass to O5 cutting to basket high side off the screen.
Pass Option 4

O3 seals and opens up after screening for O5.

O5 cuts to the low post.

O2 flares to the wing.

O4 remains as the safety, but is now also looking for a cut to release pressure on the inbounds and may flare high.
Pressure release pass.
Wherever the pass is made the passer relocates to the opposite side to where the ball is passed or relocates to the weak side wing position so that are alignment is set to commence our offense.

When the pressure release pass is made O2 relocates to foul line extended O5 and O3 flash to the high posts and O1 relocates to the vacant wing position.
Our 1-4 Up or Motion double high offense can now commence.
Submitted by: Rod Tremlett
Category: Out of bounds baseline
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