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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 039
This play works well vs. a team that plays 2-3 under their own basket on an out of bounds situation.

The players line up as shown.  Because of the box configuration, we assume the zone will align as shown.
3 slaps the ball to begin the play.  At that time, 1 and 5 set screens on the defenders on the outside of the zone.

2 cuts to the ball and out to the opposite corner.

4 posts hard to occupy defenders and draw attention.

3 should initially look for 4.

If he's not open, 3 passes to 2 on the wing.
When 2 receives the pass:

1 cuts to the wing.
5 post on the low block.
4 cuts to the high post.
3 waits a second or two to see what happens.
If 2 exhausts all options, he dribbles the ball towards 1 on the wing, watching the defenders inside.  As he dribbles:
1 cuts to the point.
4 slides to the opposite elbow.
5 slides up to the high post.
3 cuts to the short corner.

If D5 covers the dribble too high, 3 should be open in the short corner, for a pass and feed to 5 diving to the hoop.
If D1 covers the dribble too low, 5 should be open at the high post.

If neither covers the dribble, 2 created his own shot.  Worst-case scenario:  ball is passed out to 1 to start the offense.
Submitted by: Tom Blasick
Category: Out of bounds baseline
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