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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 093
Baseline out of bounds - Offset

Players line up in an offset box with 4 & 5 at the perimeter.1 looks to pass to 2.

4 screens for 2 and at the same time 3 screens 5
5 looks for the jump shot from the free throw line. 2 looks for the 3 point shot.
4 turns and faces after the screen. If 4 does not recieve 4 upscreens for 5
5 goes to the basket off the up screen.
The pass goes to 5 for the lay up. 4 turns and faces if nobody gets open 2 up screens 3.
Players need to have timing for the screens and cuts.
Submitted by: Gary Windsor
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense
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