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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 092
Baseline out of bounds - Multi screen

Basic Setup:
1- Needs to be able to shoot from Outside.

2- Smart Player, needs to be sure handed and able to run off screens and make the layup consistently.

3- Needs to be able to shoot from Outside, makes him a threat if he pops out.

4- Needs to be a good passer.

5- Will be making multiple screens, needs to be quick and assertive with body positioning.
4- Slaps ball to start play.

2- starts to drop toward the top of the 3pt arch.

3- Pops Out, pulling the defender away from the lane and looking for an open shot if available.
(Make the Player think he's getting the ball every time, that way he'll be aggressive and will be ready if the shot is ever open)

5-Down screens for the defender on 1, then seals if available for pass and layup.  
(This is a twist that can be added, but it will slow down and limit effectiveness if done in the wrong situation)

1-Goes off of Down Screen from 5, moving in the direction of 2.
(Needs to be done in a controlled, but quick manor as 1 will be looking to screen for 2)
1- After going off screen from 5, 1 ensues in screening for 2.

5- After screening for 1, fades towards the foul line, where he will be responsible for setting a second screen for 2.

2- Uses Double screen from 1 and 5 to make cut to the basket.
(Must be watching for ball once he comes off the screen of 5)

3- Continues to look for pass from 4.

4- Looks for 2 coming off the 5 screen, ball fake should be used to make clear pass to the cutting 2.
In case cut by 2 doesn't workout:
2- Hightails it out of lane to the opposite side.

5- Seals and comes back to ball looking for ball and a possible layup.

3- Goes and screens for 1.
(Deep outlet pass if all else fails)

1- Uses screen from 3 to get open for 3pt shot.

4- By this time needs to do 1 of 4 options:
   1) Pass to 5 for layup.
   2) Pass to 1 for 3pt shot.
   3) Deep outlet to 3.
   4) Timeout because 5 seconds comes fast.
4- After passing ball in, slips inbounds on opposite side of the basket.  Looks for dump off from 5 if double in post.
Submitted by: Chad Lawler
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense man
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