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Offense shuffle
Playname: Basic cut
The shuffle - basic cut by Andrew Haysom

Starting Positions

1 - First Cutter (has the ball).
Sets up about 6 feet from sideline, higher then the three point line.
2 - Second Cutter.
Sets up in the corner, same side of court as first cutter, on three point line.
3 - Post
Sets up on the elbow (high post), same side of court as first cutter.
4 - Point
Point sets up at top of free-throw circle.
5 - Feeder
Sets up on low block, opposite side of court to first cutter.

Note the good spacing of the offense.

Note that offense is not in key (no 3 second calls).
The First Pass.
The point (4) should v-cut at their defender and release (use arm bar if defended closely) to get open.
The first cutter (1) passes to the point (4). The first cutter (1) should keep their dribble alive in case it is needed to create passing lane.
The Second Pass.
As the feeder (5) sees the pass to the point (4), they should step into the key and v-cut out to a position between the elbow and the three-point line.
The point (4) makes a quick pass to the feeder (5). An overhead pass might be good here.
The feeder (5) must turn and face the basket in a triple threat position.
This is the first scoring opportunity. A one-on-one opportunity for the feeder (5) to drive to the basket.
The First Screen.
The post man (3) steps out to set a screen for the first cutter (1).
The first cutter (1) tries to run their man into the screen and cuts to the basket. If overplayed or if their man is fighting through the screen a backdoor cut might be the best option.
This is the second scoring opportunity if the first cutter (1) is open and gets a pass from the feeder (5) for a layup.
As the first cutter (1) cuts, the second cutter (2) moves up to the free-throw line extended, outside the three point line.
The Second Screen
The post (3) sets a screen for the second cutter (2), who cuts across towards the opposite elbow for a pass from the feeder (5).
This is the third scoring opportunity if the second cutter (2) is open for a shot, or a drive to the basket.
The first cutter when he doesn't get the pass from the feeder continues his cut out to the weak side.
The Third Screen.
The third screen is a down-screen, set by the point (4) for the post (3).
The Reset.
It is important for the feeder (5) to have kept the dribble as he now uses it to dribble back to a position above the three point line, closer to the sideline.
The post (3) steps across to the top of the circle.
The point (4) slides down to the low block.
The Other Side.
Now we are ready to go again from the opposite side of the court.
The rotation is;
The first cutter has become the second cutter.
The second cutter has become the post.
The post has become the point.
The point has become the feeder.
The feeder has become the first cutter.
Submitted by: Andrew Haysom
Category: Offense shuffle
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