Basketball plays and drills
Offense shuffle
Playname: Koru shuffle
3 receives ball on weak side.

The first option is the drive.
2 cuts off a screen from 5 looking for a layup.

5 rolls down the lane behind him.
2 breaks out to ball side corner. 5 moves to the knuckle.

1 screens down for 4.
Ball is reversed to the top, then to 1 breaking to the wing.

1 should look for the drive immediately.
5 screens for 3 cutting to the hoop for a layup.
Another option is  5 continuing to the low post.
4 screens down for 2
After running it through a few times, look for 4 rolling underneath.
Ball is reversed to 2. this is the best time to take the 3 point shot.

Ball can also be passed to 4 underneath by 2.
Submitted by: Paul McFarlin
Category: Offense shuffle
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