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Playname: Before game drill
This is an excellent warming up exercise in order to improve the team spirit. Due to the many passes they have to give are your players obliged to handle with each other.

I refuse to give a name to this exercise because you should name it after your team. This will once again improve the team spirit.

Minimum 9 player - 2 balls

Please notice the position of the coach on the court. This will give the players more encouragement than when your acting like the regular passive coach, sitting on the bench and reading his journal !!!

Let's talk this through step by step.....
1 passes to 2
1 moves forward (in front of 2 and 3)
2 passes back to 1, 1 passes on to 3

2 fills the line of the runner (to eventually make the basket). 1 leaves the scene and waits in the next line.

--> another option:
2 passes to 1
1 passes again to 2
and 2 passes back to 1
then 1 passes on to 3

--> another option: (at least with 11 players)
5 follows 2 as he runs towards the basket
(later on 3 should pass to 2, who makes the lay-up, but in stead of actually making the goal, he throws the ball straight up and 5 tips him in)
3 dribbles to the top, passes to 2 and moves in to take the rebound.

Please mark that I'm not speaking of real game-alike rebounding. The rebounder should give faith to his mate and presumes his mate will score.

--> this is where 3 should pass as soon as possible in the second option I gave before
2 makes the basket

(2 handclaps from everyone - even the mams and dads next to the court - who's not carrying a ball)

--> In the second option I gave before 2 shouldn't make the basket, but 5 should tip him in.
3 takes the rebound and waits in the next row.
2 fills the next row, passing by the coach.

(This gives the coach an opportunity to encourage his player once again)

--> In the second option 5 should run as 2 does but he has to get back in the line he came from. Now to give the "tip-in-pass"
Submitted by: Steven Decroos
Category: Warming up
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