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Playname: Blitz
This drill is a combination Conditioning, 3-on2, 2-on1 Fast Break, and Transition Defense drill.

Minimum Numbers of Players needed: 6
Numbers of Basket Balls needed: 1
Setup:  Two players on the far court lined up perpendicular to the baseline.  (Initial Defense).  Three Players at opposite 3-pt line extended.  (Initial Offense.  Preferred with good ball handler in middle)

Proceed toward Defense. #5 dribble penetrates until stopped by #2.  (Emphasize to offense to continue until stopped), while #3 and #4 fill outside lanes.

#2 should stop penetration of #5.  #1 should react to the first pass made by #5.  (Emphasize top player to stop penetration).
#5 Passes to #3.  #4 cuts toward the basket for a layup, while #5 stops around the free throw line for a short jumpshot.  

#1 reacts to the first pass made by #5.  In this case slides over to defend #3.  #2 then slides to opposite side to defend/steal pass to #4.
(Emphasize the offense to score on two passes.) If #4 not open, #3 passes back to #5 for the jumpshot.

Unfortunately the jumpshot will be open but in transition is not an easy shot.

Box out and contend for rebound.
When current defenders get the rebound they then become the offense going the other way for 2-on-1.

#1 and #2 remain at the far end to play defense for the next group.  #5 (Player in the middle) becomes the defender coming to the near court.
#1, and #2 try to score on #5.

#5 tries to stop others from scoring.
When #5 get the rebound or a steal, an "outlet" pass is made to the nearest person inline. (again, hopefully a good ball handler)

#5 "outlets" the ball to #6.  #6 then takes the middle position for the 3-on2, while #7 and #5 fills the outside lanes.

#1 and #2 take the outside positions waiting for the next group.
Play then resumes from Sequence One.

Keith Eason
Submitted by: Keith Eason
Category: Conditioning
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