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Playname: Boomer drill
Boomer drill

Align the players around court in these positions to start.

You can use 12 or more players and need at least 5 balls.

1 starts Boomer with a pass to either 2 or 3.
1, 2 & 3 run the lanes passing back & forth between them.

Players 4 & 5 are on the sideline ready to pass to 2 & 3 after they swing the wings under the basket.
When 1 gets the pass back at the 3pt line he goes onto make a lay-up.

2 & 3 now swing the wings.

2 receives a pass from 5.
3 receives a pass from 4.
2 & 3 Catch and square up to basket and make a jump shot.

1 rebounds his layup and  starts back down the floor with players 4 & 5 in the same passing action as before to the other basket.
2 & 3 rebound (and run to the 3pt line make a 3pt shot, rebound) and pass to players 6 & 7 on the sideline.
4 & 5 now swing to the wings and receive passes from 8 & 9.
Square up and shoot.

1 makes the lay-up.
Next player under the basket gets the rebound from the lay-up by and continues up and down the court with players 8 and 9.

Players 1,4 and 5 change lines after their shots.

Good for passing and receiving on the run.
Shooting under pressure.
Catch and Square Up (CSU) for perimeter shooting.
General allround conditioning
Submitted by: Dave Riggall
Category: Conditioning
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