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Playname: Bullets made free throw break
Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
JER166(at) Winnetka Bullets

Bullets Made Free Throw Break

The point guard will declare a side by setting up at the half court sideline.

4 and 5 will set up in the bottom positions. 4 and 5 can go to either position.  

The player opposite the point guard will take the ball out of the net and take two hard diagonal steps out of bounds, plant his feet and look to pass the ball inbounds to 1.  

The other post player is the shooter and will run straight down the lane line extended and post strong at the mid block of the offensive basket.  

3 sets up in the high spot on the right side and has box out responsibilities on the shooter.  3 sprints to the free throw line extended outside the three point line.

2 sets up on the left side.  2 sprints to one step on the backcourt side of back court.  It is important that 2 not cross the line or the defense will be able to force a turnover.  

1 sprints to the free throw line extended for the inbound pass.
5 pass to 1. After the pass 5 moves to the bottom of the half court circle and plays safety. 5 will not cross unless we start our secondary offense.
1 pass to 2. It is ok to skip pass to 3 if 2 is guarded or not in position. 1 sprints to the block opposite 4.
2 pass to 3. 2 should look to dribble penetrate if 3 is guarded. 2 sprints to the top of the key.
3 pass to 4. It is critical that 3 not pass to 4 until after 4 stops and posts. Most passes to 4 while he is still moving have resulted in turnovers for us instead of an easy basket.
After the pass 3 can basket cut off 4 high or low or reposition for a shot. 3 cannot stay in the same position. He must move to occupy the defense.
Secondary into Flex.
On the pass to 2.
5 down screens for 1.
5 turns to the ball and seals after the screen.
1 pops to the ball.
2 passes to 1 begins the flex cut.
Secondary into short corner.
If the defense is playing zone defense we will break into a zone secondary.
Here we show the short corner attack.
Submitted by: Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Category: Fast break
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