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Fast break
Playname: Fast break - passes
Players 3, 4 and 5 make a triangle below the basket to rebound as many balls as possible. Player one is checking the free throw line for reflected balls.
When player four rebounds ball, player two makes his move to be in good angle for pass from player 4. At the same moment player three, as an opposite wing, runs forward for a later pass.
Player two passes ball to player 1, who suddenly tries to find player 3 for later pass.
Players 4 and 5 are also running forward as a later trailers.
Now player 1 passes ball to player 3 and runs on his position as a player-maker(a bit to the right to make room for trailers). At the same tima all other players run forward.
Now, player 3 has the ball and waits for first and second trailer. PLayer two moves to his position on right wing.
Player 5 as a first trailer did not get the ball, so he continues to the opposite site to make room for second trailer.
Player 4 gets the ball and lays-up (or shoots).
Submitted by: Igor Varnai
Category: Fast break
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