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Playname: By the numbers

Numbers with circles are on offense.
Triangle numbers are on defense.

Coach says one or more numbers out loud.

On whistle the offense is in transition to  the opposite end as fast as possible.
The number(s) that the coach calls out are to touch the base line before heading down the floor to catch up on defense.
For example: if coach says 1 & 5.
Upon whistle 2, 3, & 4 hustle down court 1 & 5 are to touch baseline then hurry down court on Defense
While the Defense is heading down court the Offense upon the whistle is in hustling down the court.
At one time in this situation it will be a 5 on 3.

Be sure and vary numbers.

This is also a good conditioning drill as the players are constantly moving.
Submitted by: Chandlers Lady Bears
Category: Transition
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