Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Circle
From 12, 1 should dribble entry to the wing (can be passed if need be).

2 must circle out to the top.
Once 1 reaches the wing, 4 screens away for 5.

5 can wait for screen or go early depending on how defense is playing the screen.

5 gets to ball side high post and sets an area back screen for 2.
2 cuts hard off of 5's backscreen. If 2 does not get the ball, 5 must post up for the ball.

1 hits 2 if possible.
Can run a high-low with 5 at the high post. If not open, 5 steps out for ball reversal.

3 sets self up for ball reversal as well.
5 reverses to 3, who then hits 2 off of the screen from 4.

2 breaks off of 4's screen looking for baseline jumper.

4 seals her man baseline, and makes self available for 2 if she has no shot.

* Play can be enhanced by allowing 5 to run a give and go with 3.
Submitted by: Kevin Jorgensen
Category: Offense man
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