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Offense man
Playname: Colour man offense
This is a 14-16 second play.

Guard passes to either trigger, and cuts through to corner.

Post, after deep seal, establishes and presents.  

On the trigger pass to the trailer, the corner player flex cuts off to the basket, then the corner.

This pass needs to be moved on quickly to get the best passing angles to the cutters.

Trigger now down screens for the post, who curls to the mid post (higher than normal).
The post will often, be free, at the bottom of the circle. Only pass early i.e. at or before the split line.  Otherwise hold that pass.

On the 5's catch, 3 seals and is a receiver also 1 cuts back to the basket as a receiver.
Ball reversal again, through 4.

Sprint to screen, for the on ball.
2 and 5 hold position until the ball hits the floor on the drive by 3.

This play is for any 2 guard who must attack.
1 cuts late and can go high or low.

If low, 2 man goes to back court coverage.

If high it will be the 1 mans responsibility.
4 and 5 will use the same Turn the corner or Separate principles as described in 'Fist'.
Submitted by: Simon Pritchard
Category: Offense man
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