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Offense zone
Playname: Costello
The 1 starts the offense at the top of the 3 pt arc.

2 is on the wing, outside of 3 pt arc.

3 and 5 are in a stack on the block, with 3 above 5.  

4 is on the opposite block.
1 passes the ball to 2.

If 2 is open, he shoots the ball.

If he is not, then he says "break", telling the 3 and 5 to break, with 3 going into the corner, outside the 3 pt arc, and 5 going up to the elbow.
If 5 is open, 2 hits 5 with pass.  
5 looks to shoot, or pass down to 4 on the opposite block.  
If 5 is not open, 2 passes the ball to 3 in the corner.
If 3 is open, he shoots.
If 3 cannot shoot, he looks for the double team.
If 3 is double teamed, he looks to hit 2 cutting to basket.
If he cannot hit 2 cutting, he looks for 5 rolling to the basket, or posting up on the block.

2 continues through key, and sets up on opposite wing.

1 replaces 2 on ball-side wing.
If 5 is open, 3 hits 5 with pass, and 5 makes the basket.
If 3 cannot shoot, or pass to 2 or 5, he passes back out to 1, who has replaced 2 on the wing.
1 then who dribbles to the top of key.  

As 1 dribbles to top, 3 runs baseline and re-sets in stack with 4.  

Play then re-sets from this side of floor.
Submitted by: Keith Fagan
Category: Offense zone
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