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Offense zone
Playname: Corners
This play is designed to give a you variety of options and can be used against any 2-1-2 or 2-3 zone.
-The players are spaced out along the perimeter which will prove to be important.
This play has two sides to it.The point gaurd can call this play and say "left" or "right" to run it on either side.In this example, we are running it on the right (your left).
-2 and 4 screen the nearest defender.2 screens a high defender, 4 screens the low post defender.4 should look to post up the defender if he is open.
-Make sure to set good screens because this is possibly the most important part of the play.
-2 and 4 complete their screen.
-2 should try to screen the defender with good position so he can't stop the point guard.
The point guard dribbles around the first pick and conitnues until stopped by the defense.
-The defense shifts over and stops the point guard.At this point 4 will be open.
The point guard has a few options here.
-An entry pass into number four for an open layup or short jumper.
-Look for 3 and pass to him for a mid range jumper.
-2 will be wide open if the defender he screened tries to stop the point guard.
-The point guard is in good position for a jumpshot.
The main option is the entry pass to 4.The next sequence shows this option.
4 can dribble into the key and shoot an easy layup.
-If 4 gets to far under, power out and then shoot.
-Look to draw the foul.Use pump fakes.
All five players on offense should be able to get into a good area for the rebound or at least step in some.
Important tips:
-Coaches should teach all options of this play to their players.
-Emphasize good screens.
-Players will learn to roll off their screens.
Submitted by: Nick Liguori
Category: Offense zone
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