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Playname: Croce
Drill for 12 players, three per row in position 1, 2, 3, 4

1 passes to 2 and runs on the right side of the field.
2 passes to 3 and runs on the opposite corner.
3 passes to 4 and runs on the other side of the field.
4 passes to 1 and runs on the opposite corner.

1 shoots and grabs his own rebound.
Same drill as before but on the other side of the field, so

1 passes to 2 and 1 runs.

2 passes to 3.

3 passes to 4.

4 passes to 1.
1 shoots and another player in row 1 grabs the rebound to go ahead with the drill.

Don't forget to rotate after x number of made scores/minutes.

You can either let players 2,3 and 4 cross again or perform the drill in the other direction.
Submitted by: Enrico Bozzi
Category: Conditioning
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