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Playname: Downlow drill (front)
Downlow Drill (Front) & (Back)
*This drill helps conditioning, exploding and pivoting around the basket.  Also this helps in using alternate footwork, agility, and speed.
*This is drill for your post players (but can be used for everyone)

Tools needed:
1. Two Basketballs
2. Two Jumps Ropes

1. Two basketballs are placed left and right of the hoop.
2. Player 1 is to stand in front the ball facing the basket. (Note: On the BACK drill the players back is facing the basket. and the ball is place in front of them)
3. On the command by the COACH, Player 1 is to use downlow techniques by using the backboard on every shot.

4. After the shot is MADE the player gets his own rebound and places the  ball back in its original position before continuing with the next ball. (This is repeated 10 times or coaches discretion).
5. After Player 1 is finishing the drill he/she is to continue to the other side of the baseline and jump rope until player 2 complete their drill.
6. Player 2 is to complete the drill as Player 1 has done.
7. This drill is done until everyone has done it at least twice.
Submitted by: Lloyd V. Eure
Category: Conditioning
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