Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Curl offense
4&5 men on the elbows
2&3 men in the corners
first movement is the 4&5 men downscreen the corners
2&3 men curl toward the basket staying on their side of the court
4&5 men pop out after screening to the wing
point guard swings the ball
3 that curled on ball side should be on the block or at the elbow opening up the drive,or flushed back out to the corner
weakside curler goes back and sets a secondary curl cut for 4
4 curls ball side down the lane and then back to his side
point guard sets a screen for 2
2 curls around to the free throw line and will be open because the secondary curl takes away the help
3 and 4 go inside for the pass in case of defensive help.
Or go for the rebound.
Submitted by: Whaz Up
Category: Offense
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