Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Crash - orange seaweed
Players begin as shown.

For optimal performance, the point guard (1) should make the play call before he reaches half court for the players to set up as quickly as possible.
When the point guard is ready to run the play, he calls "Go!"

Players 2 and 3, the two guard and small forward, move up as shown.

1 selects a side to pass to and passes.
1, immediately after making the pass, sets a pick for 5 who curls around it and goes to the three-point line.
Immediately after 5 curls out, 1 rolls off his own pick and to the basket.

2 and 4 crash to the basket as 3 passes the ball to 5.
Player 3 also crashes to the basket, creating 4 players inside the key.

With enough movement, 5 is able to make a pass to any of the four players for an easy basket.

If there is no immediate option, 5 may take the three-pointer (if open), or simply call the play off and reset the standard offensive set.
Submitted by: S. Rose
Category: Offense
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