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Offense motion
Playname: Cyprus motion offense
1-4 Alignment.

O5 pops out.

O3 screens for O4.

O1 passes to O5 and cuts to ball side low post.
O3 pops out.

O5 passes to O3.

O1 sets elbow screen for O4.
O5 sets a down screens for O1.

Pass from O3 to O1.
On the ball reversal to O1, O4 & O5 set baseline staggered screens for O2.

O3 screens for O4 (screen the screener).

If O1 passes to O2, O5 sets a back screen for O1.

(Also possible after sequence 2, O5 passes to O4, O1 sets a back screen for O5)
Submitted by: Jeff Wampach
Category: Offense motion
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