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Playname: Dantoni quick 3
This is a play Mike D'Antoni ran for the Suns and now as the Knicks coach when he wanted a quick 3-pointer from a standstill shooter in the corner.
The point guard brings the ball up on the secondary fast break, with the 4 man trailing.

The SG is wide on the weak side, and the center is in the high post. The SF is on the strong side wing and the PG initiates the play by passing him the ball.
The SF hands the ball back to the PG on a give and go, causing his defender to switch and have to guard the PG...
...And he fades back to give another perimeter bailout option if the play breaks down.
1 drives on the slower defender baseline, hopefully forcing 5's man to give help, and forcing 2's man to rotate over to help on 5.
With all of the attention on the left side of the floor, 2 drifts into the corner and is ready to shoot an open 3-pointer.

As 1 is skipping the ball to 2, 2's man will realize what's happening and try to recover, but 5 will set a back screen and prevent him from closing in time. The result is a wide open three in the corner for the SG.
And remember, even if 5's man recovers to close out on 2, he will be slower than 2 -- 2 can show and go right around him for an uncontested drive.
Submitted by: Neil Paine
Category: Offense man
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