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Offense man
Playname: Denver
The 1 passes to the 2 after the 2 v-cuts to get open. The 1 then cuts down the lane around the 4. If he did not receive a pass on the give and go, then he goes out to the baseline wing.
As soon as the 1 man gets the ball back, the 5 sets a back pick on the 4 and 1 attempts a lob pass to the 4. If the lob pass is not there, then the 5 man rolls hard down the lane after the pick and 1 passes to the 5.
This can be run from the other side with the 3 and 4 lining up together up top. Addtitionally, we can switch the 4 and 5 men so the defense gets another look.
Submitted by: Daniel Brown
Category: Offense man
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