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Playname: Double screen low
Double is designed to free up the weak side Wing player on the block via a double screen.

Can be initiated with a dribble-to or wing pass.

If dribble to, 2 must circle out to the point.

3 must begin to float low to set up her defender for the double screen.
To keep the look as in 12, 4 screens across but continues to the mid-post area and sets an area screen for 3.

5 looks to receive the screen (decoy) then immediately turns back to set a double are screen for 3 with 4.

3 should have floated low by now, reads the defender and cuts appropriately.

* If 3 cuts low, should try to seal defender as close to basket as possible!
If 3 does not get the pass on the initial cut, should get to the low block and post up.

1 should dribble low to try for a baseline pass if 3 can seal defender.

If not open 2 must come to the ball for ball reversal.
On ball reversal 4 sets a down screen for 5.

4 then pins looking for ball.

5 breaks off of 4's screen, squares up.

Should look to 3 and 4, for a high low.

3 should hold defender high if possible.

* Can be modified to have the down screen occur immediately with 4 popping out instead of pinning to clear key for 3.
Submitted by: Kevin Jorgensen
Category: Offense man
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