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Defense zone
Playname: Drillo/petter high zone

This is a zone defense that is not as compact as   normal zonal defenses. The zone is easily adjusted depending on the qualities of your opponents from game to game. It works particularly well for "short" teams against strong centers.

Using this defense you will see that zonal offenses will have big problems breaking it.

The key to making this defense successful is to secure the high-post area, in this case, to take out O(ffense)4. It's defenders D1 and D2 job to do this. Doing this enables D5 to concentrate on low center (O5), and D3 and D4 to defend a bit higher.
If pass goes to forward...
*D2 goes out. (Note: Give offense the base-line, standing in the passing line to the point guard (O1).)
*D1 is now securing the high-post.
*D5 plays on the back of O5.
*D4 comes in to the paint, sagging to strong side.
*D3 has two options:
   1. Double team forward (O2) with D2.
   2. Stand between forward and center,
       disabling pass to low-post.

Note: If the pass were to go to the other wing (O3), D3 fronts of O5 and D5 sags towards the ball.
If pass goes to the low-post.

* D1 secures high-post, fronting O4.
* D3 sags down double teaming O5.
* D2 take a stance in the passing line between O5 and O2, with his chest pointing up the court (to make sure O1 doesn't make a cut towards the ball).

It's very important to always secure the high-post, this to keep a good triangle (defenders 1,4,5) for rebounding. The weak spot is if the shot is taken from the point-guard position).

If O4 makes a cut toward the basket, defenders must first of all use fundamentals skills, such as bumping the cut, but also make sure he follows the player until other defenders can pick him up.
Rules for the key defenders - D1 and D2.

1. Secure high-post!!

2. From of the picture you can see the movement of defenders 1 and 2. To talk is the most important thing, but a thing to keep in mind is to never move from ball-position to ball-position.
Submitted by: Patrik Johansen
Category: Defense zone
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