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Defense zone
Playname: Zonal 1-2-2
Red players are the defensive team.

The zonal defense is set up as shown.

The attacking side may try to make runs into the key to try and score.
The players are cut off by marking them. as soon as the attacker comes within a certain range that the defender thinks is unsafe, the defender marks that attacker.

The attackers may try to pass the ball to opposition even if they are marked well.

Also the attackers may decide to retreat.

If they don't retreat, the defenders can keep the men marked.
The attackers will soon get agitated and try to move around a lot faster to try and get the ball.

The defenders should keep them marked at all times.

If the attacker is in a none deadly position, the defender may play as spare man and watch and organize the squad.
If the ball does get to another attacking player, (which it probably will) the spare man should either:
a) try to intercept the ball or
b) mark the attacker if unsure

Meanwhile the other defenders should be marking and cutting of the ball from reaching other attackers.
The attacker with the ball may then decide to:
a) try passing the ball to a team-mate (even though it won't get there) or
b) drive in and go for the lay-up

Either way the attacker is foiled.

Defender no.5 can intercept the ball if passed and he can mark and stop the player from driving.

The other defenders should be able to react if the attackers make a quick break.
The attackers will soon tire and retreat to try their luck at another attack.
If they do retreat then the defenders should resume their zonal positions again.

The attackers will try and draw you out by passing around each other, around the key.
Now when the ball is passed, intercept it.
Try to intercept the ball where the pass is the longest. There you should stand a chance.

The remaining defenders should then cover for their partners.
Submitted by: Jambo Carling
Category: Defense zone
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