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Offense man
Playname: Duke curl
The offense starts in a double low stack.

2 and 3 L cut to get open on the wings.

1 passes to either 2 or 3 to start the offense in this scenario 3.
5 clears out to allow a 1v1 opportunity.

1 cuts looking for the ball
Then 1 takes a double screen set by 4 and 5.

2 fills the guard position.
1 must read the defense.

If defense is tight run the curl around the double screen.

Pass can come from 3 or 2.
If the defense cheats over the top 1 pops out for 1v1, open shot or post pass.

The pass here must go through 2
As the pass goes to 1.

2 v cuts through the lane looking for pass or to rebound and then relocates to the 3 spot.

3 relocates to 2.
As the ball is being swung to 1.

5 screens for 4 and seals.

4 relocates to high post.
Options open to 1:
• shot
• low post pass to 5
• high post pass to 4
• swing to weak side
• or skip pass to weak side
If the ball is skipped or swung to the weak side.

4 and 5 cross over the key looking for ball.
Submitted by: Coach Boath
Category: Offense man
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