Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Dynamo 1 up
Dynamo - 1 up (for Lavrinovic)

5 steps out and receives the ball from 1.

At the same time 4 sets a backscreen for 2 who replaces 5 at the middle post.

1 v-cuts and gets a hand off from 5.
Hand off from 5 to 1.

Side pick & roll from 5 for 1

1 will start reversing the ball to 4 and 3.

Back pick from 2 for 5 (screen the screener)

3 passes inside to 5.

Play can also be played with a dribble entry if 5 doesn't get free for the first pass.
Submitted by: David Dedek
Category: Offense man
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