Basketball plays and drills
Fast break
Playname: Fast break crotty
1) No.1 passes to No. 2.

2) No.3,4,5 push up the court.
3) No.1 runs up to the low post.
4) No. 2 passes to No. 3.
5) No. 3 passes to No.4.

6) No.2 runs to the top of the three point line.
7) No. 3 drops back to a safety position on half way.

8) No. 1 sets a screen on high post for No.5.

9) No.5 cuts past the screen to the basket receiving the pass from No.4.
10) No.5 shoots the ball while No.'s 1 & 2 move in to rebound.

11) The move is complete.
Submitted by: Cameron Crotty
Category: Fast break
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