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Offense flex
Playname: Flex - loop option
This is a quick-hitters variation to run within your normal flex to get an open 3pt shot.  Run your best shooter through the 3 spot.

Starts in a normal flex set, 2 cuts and replaces to get open.
Guard to guard pass, 5 moves into position to screen 3.
3 reads the D and makes a regular flex cut, 2 feeds him if he is open.
5 Moves up the floor to re-screen for 3.
3 Cuts tight off the screen of 5, looking to catch and shoot.
If there is no shot, 2 dives to the basket and looks to receive from 3.
1, 2 & 4 Rotate to fill out the vacant positions, 3 reverses the ball to 1 and we are reset.
Submitted by: Ben Ward
Categories: Offense flex, Offense man, Offense
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