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Offense flex
Playname: Flex - stack entry
This is Flex with a stack entry.
1 is in the middle up top.
2 and 3 set screens for 4 and 5.
4 and 5 pop out to the 3 point line.
1 passes to 4 or 5.
2 pops out to 3 point line.
3 flashes inside looking for the ball, then screens away at 5.
5 cuts to the middle for an open shot or lay-up.
1 picks the picker (3) and rolls to get open for a pass.
3 pops out at 3 point line.
2 gets open for a 3-pointer.
5 sets screen for 2.
2 cutts inside.
4 picks the picker and rolls.
1 pops out.
5 cuts of the screen and pops out at 3 point line.
Submitted by: Tobias Jahnke
Category: Offense flex
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