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Playname: Flex 2
Submitted by Michel Stevens
I believe that this is one of the best ways to teach kids the use of screening. If they screen well, then this is one of the greatest offenses you've ever seen. I played it as a kid and it worked, even against those strong teams.
The offense starts in a stack, as you can see.
The guard (1) chooses a side, it doesn't matter which, and drives to the elbow. When the guard is doing that, the forward (3) flashes up to receive the ball. The center (5) moves to the three-point line to make room for the action that will take place in a few seconds. On the other side the center (4) moves also to the three-point line.
After the guard (1) passes the ball to the forward (3), the center (4) flashes over the screen that has been set by the forward (2) and the guard comes down to set the screen for the other guard (2).
Make sure that when the center (4) comes over the screen he shows his hands to receive the pass inside from the forward (3). When the forward (2) has set the screen, make sure he also shows his hands to the forward with the ball (3) so that he can receive the ball from him.
When the forward (2) runs to the elbow and receives the ball, the guard runs to the three point-line. The center (4) sets the screen while the other center (5) takes it. Actually it's kind of the same, during the rest of the play, it's always the same!
When the ball can't be passed to the elbow, the center (4) moves out to the three point line and gets the ball from the forward (3) or whoever is on the elbow, in this case the forward (3). After he has given the ball, he gives a DOUBLE SCREEN AWAY. First on the other forward (or who is on the other elbow) and after that on the person that is at the three point line. And you get into the flex.
Submitted by: Michel Stevens
Category: Offense flex
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