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Offense man
Playname: Florida
1 passes to 4 and the cuts around 3-pt line to the corner.

5 screens for 2.

2 comes around 5's screen looking for the ball.
4 passes to 5 who turns and passes to 1.

2 sets screen for 4, 4 comes around screen.
5 screens for 2 and goes to corner.

2 comes around screen and looks for '3'.

3 flashes to elbow extended.
2 passes to 3 and goes to corner.

4 screens for 1, 1 comes around screen looking for ball.
4 flashes to elbow extended, 2 flashes to FT line extended.

3 passes to 4 who swings ball to 2.

1 back screens for 4, 4 comes around screen.
If 2 (or 1 if he's at wing) is not open, 3 (man at top) comes around screen anyway.

4 (man with ball) looks at cutter, then dribble handoffs to 1. 4 then goes to corner.

1 looks to score - then continues offense. 5 flashes to elbow extended.
Submitted by: John Howell
Category: Offense man
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