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Offense man
Playname: Ft line staggered screen
- 1 brings the ball up on the right wing
- 2 on the top of the circle
- 3 on the right block
- 4 and 5 at the elbows

1 brings up the ball and passes to 2.

Then, 1 runs around a screen set by 3 on the right block to cut across the paint.
2 dribbles hard towards the left wing as 1 starts to make his cut.

After setting the screen for 1, 3 flashes towards the right corner.
After cutting through the paint,1 looks to receive the pass from 2.
As 1 gets the ball, 5 and 4 get ready to set a staggered screen for him at the free throw line.
1 uses the staggered screen to penetrate.

5 (the first screener) rolls to the basket.
1 now has three passing options, depending on how the defense reacts to the staggered screen.

1) Pass to 5: If the defender of 5 comes over to prevent the penetration, 1 will have an open pass available to 5 under the basket.

2) Pass to 4: If the defender of 4 hedges too hard on the second screen, 1 can pass to 4 for an open shot at the FT line.

3) Pass to 3: If the defender of 3 leaves his man to help on the penetration, 1 can kick out to 3 for a three point shot from the corner.
Submitted by: Oskar Zuchowski
Categories: Offense man, Offense man
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